hash base64

base64 encode or decode a value


> hash base64 ...rest --character-set --encode --decode


  • ...rest: optionally base64 encode / decode data by column paths
  • --character-set {string}: specify the character rules for encoding the input. Valid values are 'standard', 'standard-no-padding', 'url-safe', 'url-safe-no-padding','binhex', 'bcrypt', 'crypt'
  • --encode: encode the input as base64. This is the default behavior if not specified.
  • --decode: decode the input from base64


Base64 encode a string with default settings

> echo 'username:password' | hash base64

Base64 encode a string with the binhex character set

> echo 'username:password' | hash base64 --character-set binhex --encode

Base64 decode a value

> echo 'dXNlcm5hbWU6cGFzc3dvcmQ=' | hash base64 --decode