Coming from Bash

Note: this table assumes Nushell 0.9.1 or later.

Bash Nu Task
ls ls Lists the files in the current directory
ls <dir> ls <dir> Lists the files in the given directory
ls pattern* ls pattern* Lists files that match a given pattern
ls -la ls --full or ls -f List files with all available information
ls -d */ ls | where type == Dir List directories
cd <directory> cd <directory> Change to the given directory
cd cd Change to the home directory
mkdir <path> mkdir <path> Creates the given path
mkdir -p <path> mkdir <path> Creates the given path, creating parents as necessary
touch <not yet possible> Create a file
  | save <filename.ext> Save structured data as a filetype (implied by extension)
> <path> | save --raw <path> Save string into a file
cat <path> open --raw <path> Display the contents of the given file
  open <path> Read a file as structured data
mv <source> <dest> mv <source> <dest> Move file to new location
cp <source> <dest> cp <source> <dest> Copy file to new location
cp -r <source> <dest> cp -r <source> <dest> Copy directory to a new location, recursively
rm <path> rm <path> Remove the given file
  rm -t <path> Move the given file to the system trash
rm -rf <path> rm -r <path> Recursively removes the given path
chmod <not yet possible> Changes the file attributes
man <command> help <command> Get the help for a given command
  help commands List all available commands
echo $PATH echo $nu.path See the current path
<update ~/.bashrc> config --set [path [<dir1> <dir2> ...]] Update PATH permanently
export PATH = $PATH:/usr/other/bin <not yet possible> Update PATH temporarily
export echo $nu.env List the current environment variables
<update ~/.bashrc> echo $nu.env | insert var value | config --set_into env Update environment variables permanently
FOO=BAR ./bin <not yet possible> Update environment temporarily
bash -c <commands> nu -c <commands> Run a pipeline of commands (requires 0.9.1 or later)
bash <script file> nu <script file> Run a script file (requires 0.9.1 or later)