We have a few good resources for you to get started with Nu.

At the bottom of this page you can also find quick references to the commands provided by Nu Shell if you need quick support.


Nu Book

You can read our book to lern more about the core concepts behind Nu. It covers the basic and contains a lot of examples which will help you to have an easy start.

Contributor Book

In the contributers book you can find further information. It attempts to cover the basics of how Nu works internally, to get a solid understanding. You will learn how data is treated, what kind of data types Nu supports and how you can write plugins for it.


Nu Cookbook is a collection of examples to help you get the most out of using Nushell. It offers multiple ways of expressing the same pipelines so you can become familiar with all the commands.

Quick command references

add format lines split-row
append from-csv nth str
average from-json open sum
cd from-toml pick sys
config from-tsv pivot tags
count from-xml prepend to-csv
date from-yaml ps to-json
echo get reject to-toml
edit group-by reverse to-tsv
enter help save to-url
env histogram shells to-yaml
exit history size trim
fetch inc sort-by version
first last split-column where