group-bySplits a list or table into groups, and returns a record containing those groups.
histogramCreates a new table with a histogram based on the column name passed in.
incIncrement a value or version. Optionally use the column of a table.
joinJoin two tables
pathExplore and manipulate paths.
path basenameGet the final component of a path.
path dirnameGet the parent directory of a path.
path existsCheck whether a path exists.
path expandTry to expand a path to its absolute form.
path joinJoin a structured path or a list of path parts.
path parseConvert a path into structured data.
path relative-toExpress a path as relative to another path.
path splitSplit a path into a list based on the system's path separator.
path typeGet the type of the object a path refers to (e.g., file, dir, symlink).
reduceAggregate a list to a single value using an accumulator closure.
split-byCreate a new table split.
str substringGet part of a string. Note that the start is included but the end is excluded, and that the first character of a string is index 0.
str trimTrim whitespace or specific character.
str upcaseMake text uppercase.
transposeTransposes the table contents so rows become columns and columns become rows.
versionDisplay Nu version, and its build configuration.