cdChange directory.
completeCapture the outputs and exit code from an external piped in command in a nushell table.
cpCopy files.
execExecute a command, replacing the current process.
globCreates a list of files and/or folders based on the glob pattern provided.
load-envLoads an environment update from a record.
lsList the filenames, sizes, and modification times of items in a directory.
mkdirMake directories, creates intermediary directories as required.
mvMove files or directories.
openLoad a file into a cell, converting to table if possible (avoid by appending '--raw').
psView information about system processes.
registry queryQuery the Windows registry.
rmRemove files and directories.
run-externalRuns external command.
saveSave a file.
startOpen a folder, file or website in the default application or viewer.
sysView information about the system.
touchCreates one or more files.
watchWatch for file changes and execute Nu code when they happen.
whichFinds a program file, alias or custom command.