cdChange directory.
cpCopy files using uutils/coreutils cp.
duFind disk usage sizes of specified items.
globCreates a list of files and/or folders based on the glob pattern provided.
load-envLoads an environment update from a record.
lsList the filenames, sizes, and modification times of items in a directory.
mkdirCreate directories, with intermediary directories if required using uutils/coreutils mkdir.
mktempCreate temporary files or directories using uutils/coreutils mktemp.
mvMove files or directories using uutils/coreutils mv.
openLoad a file into a cell, converting to table if possible (avoid by appending '--raw').
rmRemove files and directories.
saveSave a file.
startOpen a folder, file or website in the default application or viewer.
touchCreates one or more files.
watchWatch for file changes and execute Nu code when they happen.