ansiOutput ANSI codes to change color and style of text.
ansi gradientAdd a color gradient (using ANSI color codes) to the given string.
ansi linkAdd a link (using OSC 8 escape sequence) to the given string.
ansi stripStrip ANSI escape sequences from a string.
clearClear the terminal.
inputGet input from the user.
input listInteractive list selection.
input listenListen for user interface event
keybindingsKeybindings related commands.
keybindings defaultList default keybindings.
keybindings listList available options that can be used to create keybindings.
keybindings listenGet input from the user.
killKill a process using the process id.
sleepDelay for a specified amount of time.
term sizeReturns a record containing the number of columns (width) and rows (height) of the terminal.
whoamiGet the current username using uutils/coreutils whoami.