polars aggPerforms a series of aggregations from a group-by.
polars cacheCaches operations in a new LazyFrame.
polars collectCollect lazy dataframe into eager dataframe.
polars explodeExplodes a dataframe or creates a explode expression.
polars fetchCollects the lazyframe to the selected rows.
polars fill-nanReplaces NaN values with the given expression.
polars fill-nullReplaces NULL values with the given expression.
polars filterFilter dataframe based in expression.
polars filter-withFilters dataframe using a mask or expression as reference.
polars flattenAn alias for polars explode.
polars group-byCreates a group-by object that can be used for other aggregations.
polars into-lazyConverts a dataframe into a lazy dataframe.
polars joinJoins a lazy frame with other lazy frame.
polars medianMedian value from columns in a dataframe or creates expression for an aggregation
polars quantileAggregates the columns to the selected quantile.
polars renameRename a dataframe column.
polars reverseReverses the LazyFrame
polars selectSelects columns from lazyframe.
polars shiftShifts the values by a given period.
polars sort-bySorts a lazy dataframe based on expression(s).
polars uniqueReturns unique values from a dataframe.
polars with-columnAdds a series to the dataframe.