char for strings

Output special characters (e.g., 'newline').


> char (character) --list --unicode --integer


  • character: the name of the character to output
  • multiple Unicode bytes
  • --list (-l): List all supported character names
  • --unicode (-u): Unicode string i.e. 1f378
  • --integer (-i): Create a codepoint from an integer


Output newline

> char newline

List available characters

> char --list

Output prompt character, newline and a hamburger menu character

> (char prompt) + (char newline) + (char hamburger)

Output Unicode character

> char -u 1f378

Create Unicode from integer codepoint values

> char -i (0x60 + 1) (0x60 + 2)

Output multi-byte Unicode character

> char -u 1F468 200D 1F466 200D 1F466