explore for viewers

Explore acts as a table pager, just like `less` does for text.


> explore --head --index --reverse --peek


  • --head {bool}: Show or hide column headers (default true)
  • --index (-i): Show row indexes when viewing a list
  • --reverse (-r): Start with the viewport scrolled to the bottom
  • --peek (-p): When quitting, output the value of the cell the cursor was on


Press : then h to get a help menu.


Explore the system information record

> sys | explore

Explore the output of ls without column names

> ls | explore --head false

Explore a list of Markdown files' contents, with row indexes

> glob *.md | each {|| open } | explore -i

Explore a JSON file, then save the last visited sub-structure to a file

> open file.json | explore -p | to json | save part.json