decode base64 for hash

Base64 decode a value.


> decode base64 --character-set --binary


  • For a data structure input, decode data at the given cell paths
  • --character-set {string}: specify the character rules for encoding the input. Valid values are 'standard', 'standard-no-padding', 'url-safe', 'url-safe-no-padding','binhex', 'bcrypt', 'crypt', 'mutf7'
  • --binary (-b): Output a binary value instead of decoding payload as UTF-8


Will attempt to decode binary payload as an UTF-8 string by default. Use the --binary(-b) argument to force binary output.


Base64 decode a value and output as UTF-8 string

> 'U29tZSBEYXRh' | decode base64
Some Data

Base64 decode a value and output as binary

> 'U29tZSBEYXRh' | decode base64 --binary
Length: 9 (0x9) bytes | printable whitespace ascii_other non_ascii
00000000:   53 6f 6d 65  20 44 61 74  61                         Some Data