A new type of shell

Pipelines to control any OS

Nu works on Linux, macOS, BSD, and Windows. Learn it once, then use it anywhere.

Everything is data

Nu pipelines use structured data so you can safely select, filter, and sort the same way every time. Stop parsing strings and start solving problems.

Powerful plugins

It's easy to extend Nu using a powerful plugin system.

Screenshot showing using the ls command

Nu works with existing data

Nu speaks JSON, YAML, SQLite, Excel, and more out of the box. It's easy to bring data into a Nu pipeline whether it's in a file, a database, or a web API:

Screenshot showing fetch with a web API

Nu has great error messages

Nu operates on typed data, so it catches bugs that other shells don't. And when things break, Nu tells you exactly where and why:

Screenshot showing Nu catching a type error

Get Nu

Nushell is available as downloadable binariesopen in new window, via your favourite package manageropen in new window, in a GitHub Actionopen in new window, and as source codeopen in new window. Read the detailed installation instructions or dive right in:

macOS / Linux:

$ brew install nushell
Nix profile
$ nix profile install nixpkgs#nushell


$ winget install nushell

After installing, launch Nu by typing nu.


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