Command Reference

If you're new to Nushell, the quick tour can show you the most important commands. You don't need to know them all!

To see all commands from inside Nushell, run help commands.

aliascore Alias a command (with optional flags) to a new name.
allfilters Test if every element of the input fulfills a predicate expression.
ansiplatform Output ANSI codes to change color and style of text.
ansi gradientplatform Add a color gradient (using ANSI color codes) to the given string.
ansi linkplatform Add a link (using OSC 8 escape sequence) to the given string.
ansi stripplatform Strip ANSI escape sequences from a string.
anyfilters Tests if any element of the input fulfills a predicate expression.
appendfilters Append any number of rows to a table.
astdebug Print the abstract syntax tree (ast) for a pipeline.
bitsbits Various commands for working with bits.
bits andbits Performs bitwise and for ints.
bits notbits Performs logical negation on each bit.
bits orbits Performs bitwise or for ints.
bits rolbits Bitwise rotate left for ints.
bits rorbits Bitwise rotate right for ints.
bits shlbits Bitwise shift left for ints.
bits shrbits Bitwise shift right for ints.
bits xorbits Performs bitwise xor for ints.
breakcore Break a loop.
bytesbytes Various commands for working with byte data.
bytes addbytes Add specified bytes to the input.
bytes atbytes Get bytes defined by a range
bytes buildbytes Create bytes from the arguments.
bytes collectbytes Concatenate multiple binary into a single binary, with an optional separator between each.
bytes ends-withbytes Check if bytes ends with a pattern.
bytes index-ofbytes Returns start index of first occurrence of pattern in bytes, or -1 if no match.
bytes lengthbytes Output the length of any bytes in the pipeline.
bytes removebytes Remove bytes.
bytes replacebytes Find and replace binary.
bytes reversebytes Reverse the bytes in the pipeline.
bytes starts-withbytes Check if bytes starts with a pattern.
calgenerators Display a calendar.
cdfilesystem Change directory.
charstrings Output special characters (e.g., 'newline').
clearplatform Clear the terminal.
collectfilters Collect the stream and pass it to a block.
columnsfilters Given a record or table, produce a list of its columns' names.
commandlinecore View or modify the current command line input buffer.
compactfilters Creates a table with non-empty rows.
completesystem Capture the outputs and exit code from an external piped in command in a nushell table.
configenv Edit nushell configuration files.
config envenv Edit nu environment configurations.
config nuenv Edit nu configurations.
config resetenv Reset nushell environment configurations to default, and saves old config files in the config location as and
constcore Create a parse-time constant.
continuecore Continue a loop from the next iteration.
cpfilesystem Copy files using uutils/coreutils cp.
cp-oldfilesystem Old nushell version of Copy files.
datedate Date-related commands.
date formatremoved Removed command: use `format date` instead
date humanizedate Print a 'humanized' format for the date, relative to now.
date list-timezonedate List supported time zones.
date nowdate Get the current date.
date to-recorddate Convert the date into a record.
date to-tabledate Convert the date into a structured table.
date to-timezonedate Convert a date to a given time zone.
debugdebug Debug print the value(s) piped in.
debug infodebug View process memory info.
decodestrings Decode bytes into a string.
decode base64hash Base64 decode a value.
decode hexformats Hex decode a value.
defcore Define a custom command.
def-envcore Define a custom command, which participates in the caller environment.
defaultfilters Sets a default row's column if missing.
describecore Describe the type and structure of the value(s) piped in.
detect columnsstrings Attempt to automatically split text into multiple columns.
dfrdataframe Operate with data in a dataframe format.
dfr agglazyframe Performs a series of aggregations from a group-by.
dfr agg-groupsexpression creates an agg_groups expression
dfr all-falsedataframe Returns true if all values are false.
dfr all-truedataframe Returns true if all values are true.
dfr appenddataframe Appends a new dataframe.
dfr arg-maxdataframe Return index for max value in series.
dfr arg-mindataframe Return index for min value in series.
dfr arg-sortdataframe Returns indexes for a sorted series.
dfr arg-truedataframe Returns indexes where values are true.
dfr arg-uniquedataframe Returns indexes for unique values.
dfr arg-whereexpression Creates an expression that returns the arguments where expression is true.
dfr asexpression Creates an alias expression.
dfr as-datedataframe Converts string to date.
dfr as-datetimedataframe Converts string to datetime.
dfr cachelazyframe Caches operations in a new LazyFrame
dfr colexpression Creates a named column expression.
dfr collectlazyframe Collect lazy dataframe into eager dataframe.
dfr columnsdataframe Show dataframe columns.
dfr concat-strexpression Creates a concat string expression.
dfr concatenatedataframe Concatenates strings with other array.
dfr containsdataframe Checks if a pattern is contained in a string.
dfr countexpression creates a count expression
dfr count-nulldataframe Counts null values.
dfr cumulativedataframe Cumulative calculation for a series.
dfr datepartexpression Creates an expression for capturing the specified datepart in a column.
dfr dropdataframe Creates a new dataframe by dropping the selected columns.
dfr drop-duplicatesdataframe Drops duplicate values in dataframe.
dfr drop-nullsdataframe Drops null values in dataframe.
dfr dtypesdataframe Show dataframe data types.
dfr dummiesdataframe Creates a new dataframe with dummy variables.
dfr explodelazyframe Explodes a dataframe or creates a explode expression.
dfr expr-notexpression creates a not expression
dfr fetchlazyframe collects the lazyframe to the selected rows.
dfr fill-nanlazyframe Replaces NaN values with the given expression.
dfr fill-nulllazyframe Replaces NULL values with the given expression.
dfr filterlazyframe Filter dataframe based in expression.
dfr filter-withdataframe or lazyframe Filters dataframe using a mask or expression as reference.
dfr firstdataframe Show only the first number of rows or create a first expression
dfr flattenlazyframe An alias for dfr explode
dfr getdataframe Creates dataframe with the selected columns.
dfr get-daydataframe Gets day from date.
dfr get-hourdataframe Gets hour from date.
dfr get-minutedataframe Gets minute from date.
dfr get-monthdataframe Gets month from date.
dfr get-nanoseconddataframe Gets nanosecond from date.
dfr get-ordinaldataframe Gets ordinal from date.
dfr get-seconddataframe Gets second from date.
dfr get-weekdataframe Gets week from date.
dfr get-weekdaydataframe Gets weekday from date.
dfr get-yeardataframe Gets year from date.
dfr group-bylazyframe Creates a group-by object that can be used for other aggregations.
dfr implodeexpression Aggregates a group to a Series
dfr into-dfdataframe Converts a list, table or record into a dataframe.
dfr into-lazylazyframe Converts a dataframe into a lazy dataframe.
dfr into-nudataframe Converts a dataframe or an expression into into nushell value for access and exploration.
dfr is-duplicateddataframe Creates mask indicating duplicated values.
dfr is-inexpression Creates an is-in expression.
dfr is-not-nulldataframe Creates mask where value is not null.
dfr is-nulldataframe Creates mask where value is null.
dfr is-uniquedataframe Creates mask indicating unique values.
dfr joinlazyframe Joins a lazy frame with other lazy frame.
dfr lastdataframe Creates new dataframe with tail rows or creates a last expression.
dfr litexpression Creates a literal expression.
dfr lowercasedataframe Lowercase the strings in the column.
dfr lsdataframe Lists stored dataframes.
dfr maxexpression Creates a max expression or aggregates columns to their max value
dfr meanexpression Creates a mean expression for an aggregation or aggregates columns to their mean value
dfr medianlazyframe Aggregates columns to their median value
dfr meltdataframe Unpivot a DataFrame from wide to long format.
dfr minexpression Creates a min expression or aggregates columns to their min value
dfr n-uniquedataframe Counts unique values.
dfr notdataframe Inverts boolean mask.
dfr opendataframe Opens CSV, JSON, JSON lines, arrow, avro, or parquet file to create dataframe.
dfr otherwiseexpression completes a when expression.
dfr quantilelazyframe Aggregates the columns to the selected quantile.
dfr querydataframe Query dataframe using SQL. Note: The dataframe is always named 'df' in your query's from clause.
dfr renamedataframe or lazyframe Rename a dataframe column.
dfr replacedataframe Replace the leftmost (sub)string by a regex pattern.
dfr replace-alldataframe Replace all (sub)strings by a regex pattern.
dfr reverselazyframe Reverses the LazyFrame
dfr rollingdataframe Rolling calculation for a series.
dfr sampledataframe Create sample dataframe.
dfr selectlazyframe Selects columns from lazyframe.
dfr setdataframe Sets value where given mask is true.
dfr set-with-idxdataframe Sets value in the given index.
dfr shapedataframe Shows column and row size for a dataframe.
dfr shiftdataframe or lazyframe Shifts the values by a given period.
dfr slicedataframe Creates new dataframe from a slice of rows.
dfr sort-bylazyframe sorts a lazy dataframe based on expression(s).
dfr stdexpression Creates a std expression for an aggregation of std value from columns in a dataframe
dfr str-lengthsdataframe Get lengths of all strings.
dfr str-slicedataframe Slices the string from the start position until the selected length.
dfr strftimedataframe Formats date based on string rule.
dfr sumexpression Creates a sum expression for an aggregation or aggregates columns to their sum value
dfr summarydataframe For a dataframe, produces descriptive statistics (summary statistics) for its numeric columns.
dfr takedataframe Creates new dataframe using the given indices.
dfr to-arrowdataframe Saves dataframe to arrow file.
dfr to-avrodataframe Saves dataframe to avro file.
dfr to-csvdataframe Saves dataframe to CSV file.
dfr to-jsonldataframe Saves dataframe to a JSON lines file.
dfr to-parquetdataframe Saves dataframe to parquet file.
dfr uniquedataframe or lazyframe Returns unique values from a dataframe.
dfr uppercasedataframe Uppercase the strings in the column.
dfr value-countsdataframe Returns a dataframe with the counts for unique values in series.
dfr varexpression Create a var expression for an aggregation
dfr whenexpression Creates and modifies a when expression.
dfr with-columndataframe or lazyframe Adds a series to the dataframe.
docore Run a closure, providing it with the pipeline input.
dropfilters Remove items/rows from the end of the input list/table. Counterpart of `skip`. Opposite of `last`.
drop columnfilters Remove N columns at the right-hand end of the input table. To remove columns by name, use `reject`.
drop nthfilters Drop the selected rows.
ducore Find disk usage sizes of specified items.
eachfilters Run a closure on each row of the input list, creating a new list with the results.
each whilefilters Run a block on each row of the input list until a null is found, then create a new list with the results.
echocore Returns its arguments, ignoring the piped-in value.
encodestrings Encode a string into bytes.
encode base64hash Encode a string or binary value using Base64.
encode hexformats Encode a binary value using hex.
entershells Enters a new shell at the given path.
enumeratefilters Enumerate the elements in a stream.
error makecore Create an error.
everyfilters Show (or skip) every n-th row, starting from the first one.
execsystem Execute a command, replacing or exiting the current process, depending on platform.
exitshells Exit Nu.
explaindebug Explain closure contents.
exploreviewers Explore acts as a table pager, just like `less` does for text.
exportcore Export definitions or environment variables from a module.
export aliascore Alias a command (with optional flags) to a new name and export it from a module.
export constcore Use parse-time constant from a module and export them from this module.
export defcore Define a custom command and export it from a module.
export def-envcore Define a custom command that participates in the environment and export it from a module.
export externcore Define an extern and export it from a module.
export extern-wrappedcore Define an extern with a custom code block and export it from a module.
export modulecore Export a custom module from a module.
export usecore Use definitions from a module and export them from this module.
export-envenv Run a block and preserve its environment in a current scope.
externcore Define a signature for an external command.
extern-wrappedcore Define a signature for an external command with a custom code block.
fillconversions Fill and Align.
filterfilters Filter values based on a predicate closure.
findfilters Searches terms in the input.
firstfilters Return only the first several rows of the input. Counterpart of `last`. Opposite of `skip`.
flattenfilters Flatten the table.
fmtconversions Format a number.
forcore Loop over a range.
formatstrings Format columns into a string using a simple pattern.
format datedate Format a given date using a format string.
format durationstrings Outputs duration with a specified unit of time.
format filesizestrings Converts a column of filesizes to some specified format.
fromformats Parse a string or binary data into structured data.
from csvformats Parse text as .csv and create table.
from emlformats Parse text as .eml and create record.
from icsformats Parse text as .ics and create table.
from iniformats Parse text as .ini and create table.
from jsonformats Convert from json to structured data.
from nuonformats Convert from nuon to structured data.
from odsformats Parse OpenDocument Spreadsheet(.ods) data and create table.
from ssvformats Parse text as space-separated values and create a table. The default minimum number of spaces counted as a separator is 2.
from tomlformats Parse text as .toml and create record.
from tsvformats Parse text as .tsv and create table.
from urlformats Parse url-encoded string as a record.
from vcfformats Parse text as .vcf and create table.
from xlsxformats Parse binary Excel(.xlsx) data and create table.
from xmlformats Parse text as .xml and create record.
from yamlformats Parse text as .yaml/.yml and create table.
from ymlformats Parse text as .yaml/.yml and create table.
gshells Switch to a given shell, or list all shells if no given shell number.
generategenerators Generate a list of values by successively invoking a closure.
getfilters Extract data using a cell path.
globfilesystem Creates a list of files and/or folders based on the glob pattern provided.
gridviewers Renders the output to a textual terminal grid.
groupfilters Groups input into groups of `group_size`.
group-byfilters Splits a list or table into groups, and returns a record containing those groups.
gstatprompt Get the git status of a repo
hashhash Apply hash function.
hash md5hash Hash a value using the md5 hash algorithm
hash sha256hash Hash a value using the sha256 hash algorithm
headersfilters Use the first row of the table as column names.
helpcore Display help information about different parts of Nushell.
help aliasescore Show help on nushell aliases.
help commandscore Show help on nushell commands.
help escapescore Show help on nushell string escapes.
help externscore Show help on nushell externs.
help modulescore Show help on nushell modules.
help operatorscore Show help on nushell operators.
hidecore Hide definitions in the current scope.
hide-envcore Hide environment variables in the current scope.
histogramchart Creates a new table with a histogram based on the column name passed in.
historymisc Get the command history.
history sessionmisc Get the command history session.
httpnetwork Various commands for working with http methods.
http deletenetwork Delete the specified resource.
http getnetwork Fetch the contents from a URL.
http headnetwork Get the headers from a URL.
http optionsnetwork Requests permitted communication options for a given URL.
http patchnetwork Patch a body to a URL.
http postnetwork Post a body to a URL.
http putnetwork Put a body to a URL.
ifcore Conditionally run a block.
ignorecore Ignore the output of the previous command in the pipeline.
incdefault Increment a value or version. Optionally use the column of a table.
inputplatform Get input from the user.
input listplatform Interactive list selection.
input listenplatform Listen for user interface event
insertfilters Insert a new column, using an expression or closure to create each row's values.
inspectdebug Inspect pipeline results while running a pipeline.
intoconversions Commands to convert data from one type to another.
into binaryconversions Convert value to a binary primitive.
into bitsconversions Convert value to a binary primitive.
into boolconversions Convert value to boolean.
into datetimeconversions Convert text or timestamp into a datetime.
into durationconversions Convert value to duration.
into filesizeconversions Convert value to filesize.
into floatconversions Convert data into floating point number.
into intconversions Convert value to integer.
into recordconversions Convert value to record.
into sqliteconversions Convert table into a SQLite database.
into stringconversions Convert value to string.
into valuefilters Infer nushell datatype for each cell.
is-admincore Check if nushell is running with administrator or root privileges.
is-emptyfilters Check for empty values.
itemsfilters Given a record, iterate on each pair of column name and associated value.
joinfilters Join two tables
keybindingsplatform Keybindings related commands.
keybindings defaultplatform List default keybindings.
keybindings listplatform List available options that can be used to create keybindings.
keybindings listenplatform Get input from the user.
killplatform Kill a process using the process id.
lastfilters Return only the last several rows of the input. Counterpart of `first`. Opposite of `drop`.
lazy makecore Create a lazy record.
lengthfilters Count the number of items in an input list or rows in a table.
letcore Create a variable and give it a value.
let-envremoved `let-env FOO = ...` has been removed, use `$env.FOO = ...` instead.
linesfilters Converts input to lines.
load-envfilesystem Loads an environment update from a record.
loopcore Run a block in a loop.
lsfilesystem List the filenames, sizes, and modification times of items in a directory.
matchcore Conditionally run a block on a matched value.
mathmath Use mathematical functions as aggregate functions on a list of numbers or tables.
math absmath Returns the absolute value of a number.
math arccosmath Returns the arccosine of the number.
math arccoshmath Returns the inverse of the hyperbolic cosine function.
math arcsinmath Returns the arcsine of the number.
math arcsinhmath Returns the inverse of the hyperbolic sine function.
math arctanmath Returns the arctangent of the number.
math arctanhmath Returns the inverse of the hyperbolic tangent function.
math avgmath Returns the average of a list of numbers.
math ceilmath Returns the ceil of a number (smallest integer greater than or equal to that number).
math cosmath Returns the cosine of the number.
math coshmath Returns the hyperbolic cosine of the number.
math expmath Returns e raised to the power of x.
math floormath Returns the floor of a number (largest integer less than or equal to that number).
math lnmath Returns the natural logarithm. Base: (math e).
math logmath Returns the logarithm for an arbitrary base.
math maxmath Returns the maximum of a list of values, or of columns in a table.
math medianmath Computes the median of a list of numbers.
math minmath Finds the minimum within a list of values or tables.
math modemath Returns the most frequent element(s) from a list of numbers or tables.
math productmath Returns the product of a list of numbers or the products of each column of a table.
math roundmath Returns the input number rounded to the specified precision.
math sinmath Returns the sine of the number.
math sinhmath Returns the hyperbolic sine of the number.
math sqrtmath Returns the square root of the input number.
math stddevmath Returns the standard deviation of a list of numbers, or of each column in a table.
math summath Returns the sum of a list of numbers or of each column in a table.
math tanmath Returns the tangent of the number.
math tanhmath Returns the hyperbolic tangent of the number.
math variancemath Returns the variance of a list of numbers or of each column in a table.
mergefilters Merge the input with a record or table, overwriting values in matching columns.
metadatadebug Get the metadata for items in the stream.
mkdirfilesystem Make directories, creates intermediary directories as required.
modulecore Define a custom module.
movefilters Move columns before or after other columns.
mutcore Create a mutable variable and give it a value.
mvfilesystem Move files or directories.
nshells Switch to the next shell.
nu-checkstrings Validate and parse input content.
nu-highlightstrings Syntax highlight the input string.
openfilesystem Load a file into a cell, converting to table if possible (avoid by appending '--raw').
overlaycore Commands for manipulating overlays.
overlay hidecore Hide an active overlay.
overlay listcore List all active overlays.
overlay newcore Create an empty overlay.
overlay usecore Use definitions from a module as an overlay.
pshells Switch to the previous shell.
par-eachfilters Run a closure on each row of the input list in parallel, creating a new list with the results.
parsestrings Parse columns from string data using a simple pattern.
pathpath Explore and manipulate paths.
path basenamepath Get the final component of a path.
path dirnamepath Get the parent directory of a path.
path existspath Check whether a path exists.
path expandpath Try to expand a path to its absolute form.
path joinpath Join a structured path or a list of path parts.
path parsepath Convert a path into structured data.
path relative-topath Express a path as relative to another path.
path splitpath Split a path into a list based on the system's path separator.
path typepath Get the type of the object a path refers to (e.g., file, dir, symlink).
portnetwork Get a free port from system.
prependfilters Prepend any number of rows to a table.
printstrings Print the given values to stdout.
pssystem View information about system processes.
queryfilters Show all the query commands
query dbdatabase Query a database using SQL.
query jsonfilters execute json query on json file (open --raw <file> | query json 'query string')
query webnetwork execute selector query on html/web
query xmlfilters execute xpath query on xml
randomrandom Generate a random value.
random boolrandom Generate a random boolean value.
random charsrandom Generate random chars.
random dicerandom Generate a random dice roll.
random floatrandom Generate a random float within a range [min..max].
random intrandom Generate a random integer [min..max].
random uuidrandom Generate a random uuid4 string.
rangefilters Return only the selected rows.
reducefilters Aggregate a list to a single value using an accumulator closure.
registercore Register a plugin.
registry querysystem Query the Windows registry.
rejectfilters Remove the given columns or rows from the table. Opposite of `select`.
renamefilters Creates a new table with columns renamed.
returncore Return early from a function.
reversefilters Reverses the input list or table.
rmfilesystem Remove files and directories.
rollfilters Rolling commands for tables.
roll downfilters Roll table rows down.
roll leftfilters Roll record or table columns left.
roll rightfilters Roll table columns right.
roll upfilters Roll table rows up.
rotatefilters Rotates a table or record clockwise (default) or counter-clockwise (use --ccw flag).
run-externalsystem Runs external command.
savefilesystem Save a file.
schemadatabase Show the schema of a SQLite database.
scopecore Commands for getting info about what is in scope.
scope aliasescore Output info on the aliases in the current scope.
scope commandscore Output info on the commands in the current scope.
scope engine-statscore Output stats on the engine in the current state.
scope externscore Output info on the known externals in the current scope.
scope modulescore Output info on the modules in the current scope.
scope variablescore Output info on the variables in the current scope.
selectfilters Select only these columns or rows from the input. Opposite of `reject`.
seqgenerators Output sequences of numbers.
seq chargenerators Print a sequence of ASCII characters.
seq dategenerators Print sequences of dates.
shellsshells Lists all open shells.
shufflefilters Shuffle rows randomly.
sizestrings Gather word count statistics on the text.
skipfilters Skip the first several rows of the input. Counterpart of `drop`. Opposite of `first`.
skip untilfilters Skip elements of the input until a predicate is true.
skip whilefilters Skip elements of the input while a predicate is true.
sleepplatform Delay for a specified amount of time.
sortfilters Sort in increasing order.
sort-byfilters Sort by the given columns, in increasing order.
sourcecore Runs a script file in the current context.
source-envcore Source the environment from a source file into the current environment.
splitstrings Split contents across desired subcommand (like row, column) via the separator.
split charsstrings Split a string into a list of characters.
split columnstrings Split a string into multiple columns using a separator.
split listfilters Split a list into multiple lists using a separator.
split rowstrings Split a string into multiple rows using a separator.
split wordsstrings Split a string's words into separate rows.
split-byfilters Split a record into groups
startfilesystem Open a folder, file or website in the default application or viewer.
strstrings Various commands for working with string data.
str camel-casestrings Convert a string to camelCase.
str capitalizestrings Capitalize first letter of text.
str containsstrings Checks if string input contains a substring.
str distancestrings Compare two strings and return the edit distance/Levenshtein distance.
str downcasestrings Make text lowercase.
str ends-withstrings Check if an input ends with a string.
str expandstrings Generates all possible combinations defined in brace expansion syntax.
str index-ofstrings Returns start index of first occurrence of string in input, or -1 if no match.
str joinstrings Concatenate multiple strings into a single string, with an optional separator between each.
str kebab-casestrings Convert a string to kebab-case.
str lengthstrings Output the length of any strings in the pipeline.
str pascal-casestrings Convert a string to PascalCase.
str replacestrings Find and replace text.
str reversestrings Reverse every string in the pipeline.
str screaming-snake-casestrings Convert a string to SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE.
str snake-casestrings Convert a string to snake_case.
str starts-withstrings Check if an input starts with a string.
str statsstrings Gather word count statistics on the text.
str substringstrings Get part of a string. Note that the start is included but the end is excluded, and that the first character of a string is index 0.
str title-casestrings Convert a string to Title Case.
str trimstrings Trim whitespace or specific character.
str upcasestrings Make text uppercase.
syssystem View information about the system.
tableviewers Render the table.
takefilters Take only the first n elements of a list, or the first n bytes of a binary value.
take untilfilters Take elements of the input until a predicate is true.
take whilefilters Take elements of the input while a predicate is true.
term sizeplatform Returns a record containing the number of columns (width) and rows (height) of the terminal.
timeitdebug Time the running time of a block.
toformats Translate structured data to a format.
to csvformats Convert table into .csv text .
to htmlformats Convert table into simple HTML.
to jsonformats Converts table data into JSON text.
to mdformats Convert table into simple Markdown.
to nuonformats Converts table data into Nuon (Nushell Object Notation) text.
to textformats Converts data into simple text.
to tomlformats Convert record into .toml text.
to tsvformats Convert table into .tsv text.
to xmlformats Convert special record structure into .xml text.
to yamlformats Convert table into .yaml/.yml text.
touchfilesystem Creates one or more files.
transposefilters Transposes the table contents so rows become columns and columns become rows.
trycore Try to run a block, if it fails optionally run a catch block.
tutormisc Run the tutorial. To begin, run: tutor.
umkdirfilesystem Create directories, with intermediary directories if required using uutils/coreutils mkdir.
unfoldgenerators Generate a list of values by successively invoking a closure.
uniqfilters Return the distinct values in the input.
uniq-byfilters Return the distinct values in the input by the given column(s).
updatefilters Update an existing column to have a new value.
update cellsfilters Update the table cells.
upsertfilters Update an existing column to have a new value, or insert a new column.
urlnetwork Various commands for working with URLs.
url build-querynetwork Converts record or table into query string applying percent-encoding.
url decodestrings Converts a percent-encoded web safe string to a string.
url encodestrings Converts a string to a percent encoded web safe string.
url joinnetwork Converts a record to url.
url parsenetwork Parses a url.
usecore Use definitions from a module, making them available in your shell.
valuesfilters Given a record or table, produce a list of its columns' values.
versioncore Display Nu version, and its build configuration.
viewdebug Various commands for viewing debug information.
view filesdebug View the files registered in nushell's EngineState memory.
view sourcedebug View a block, module, or a definition.
view spandebug View the contents of a span.
watchfilesystem Watch for file changes and execute Nu code when they happen.
wherefilters Filter values based on a row condition.
whichsystem Finds a program file, alias or custom command.
whilecore Conditionally run a block in a loop.
whoamiplatform Get the current username using uutils/coreutils whoami.
windowfilters Creates a sliding window of `window_size` that slide by n rows/elements across input.
with-envenv Runs a block with an environment variable set.
wrapfilters Wrap the value into a column.
zipfilters Combine a stream with the input.