# Nushell 0.42

Nushell, or Nu for short, is a new shell that takes a modern, structured approach to your commandline. It works seamlessly with the data from your filesystem, operating system, and a growing number of file formats to make it easy to build powerful commandline pipelines.

Today, we're releasing 0.42 of Nu. This release is a bugfix release of 0.41.

# Where to get it

Nu 0.42 is available as pre-built binaries (opens new window) or from crates.io (opens new window). If you have Rust installed you can install it using cargo install nu.

If you want all the goodies, you can install cargo install nu --features=extra.

As part of this release, we also publish a set of plugins you can install and use with Nu. To install, use cargo install nu_plugin_<plugin name>.

# What's New

# Fixes

# Breaking change

# Engine-q progress

At this point, we're now 100% focused on getting engine-q done. Over 120 PRs (opens new window) have been merged into engine-q since the last Nushell release and another 20 PRs in reedline (opens new window).

Engine-q is now able to be used as a standalone shell. It includes the full set of dataframe functionality and most of the nushell commands. We aren't yet making nightly builds available, but you should be able to clone and build engine-q (opens new window) on your machine in the same way you might grab the latest Nushell. As you try out engine-q, also give a read over the in-progress breaking change list (opens new window), as it shows where the new engine will differ from Nushell's current engine.

# Looking forward

There are still some commands left to port (opens new window) if you'd like to jump in and give porting a try. If you're interested, you can also help us by testing out engine-q itself as a shell and report your experiences with it. And of course, come join us on the discord (opens new window). We'd be happy to show you around.