Nushell 0.66

Nushell, or Nu for short, is a new shell that takes a modern, structured approach to your commandline. It works seamlessly with the data from your filesystem, operating system, and a growing number of file formats to make it easy to build powerful commandline pipelines.

Today, we're releasing version 0.66 of Nu. This is release includes a new table output, better exit code support, and more.

Where to get it

Nu 0.66 is available as pre-built binariesopen in new window or from crates.ioopen in new window. If you have Rust installed you can install it using cargo install nu.

If you want all the built-in goodies, you can install cargo install nu --features=extra.

As part of this release, we also publish a set of optional plugins you can install and use with Nu. To install, use cargo install nu_plugin_<plugin name>.

Themes of this release

New table output (zhiburt)

When you pull up 0.66 and print out a table you might notice something - that it looks surprisingly similar to previous releases of Nushell. But, under the hood, something has changed. In 0.66, we've moved to a new table renderer: tabled.

We're looking forward to really getting creativeopen in new window with future releases and what tabled allows us to do.

Exit codes (WindSoilder, sophiajt)

We've done work in this release that will cause pipelines and commands to stop a script from continuing if they hit a non-zero exit case, much in the same way as a && b in bash does not run b if a returns with a non-zero exit code.

This has been extended to also work when running the full script, so that nu itself will return an non-zero exit code matching the error the script saw when it stopped.

Looking ahead

We're deep in preparations for the work that will get us to 0.80, including a lot of syntax improvements, pipeline improvements, and more. We'll be talking about these more as the design and implementation develops.

From there, we're on our path to 1.0.

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