Who's got talent?

Quite often the community asks us what the logo and the mascot of Nushell are. Unfortunately, as of today, we do not have a fully satisfying and official answer to this 😮

It is true we have a few artworksopen in new window and one of themopen in new window is used as the logo of the Nushell discord server, Twitter account and GitHub organization.

It is true we have Ellie the friendly elephant as our currently unofficial mascot alongside emojis in the Discord server.

However, as Nushell is becoming more popular and mature, we would like to have an official stamped brand for this project we love. Thus...

We need a logo and a mascot 😃

For this and to reflect as best as we can our community, we would like to get YOU involved in this endeavour 😏

In the following weeks, we will be organizing a contest where YOU can submit your creations and have them compete in a fierce battle where only one logo and one mascot will stand by the end of the event, also known as a vote 😉

Let us explain the rules, what you'll be asked exactly, how to submit your work and how all this will unfold 😋


  • there is one theme to follow: your logo or mascot should evoke the idea of Nushell
  • your submitted files should be in the SVG format
  • any offensive or out-of-topic content will obviously be removed during the preselection

IMPORTANT NOTE: On the use of generative algorithms

Because we (as in the Nushell project) want to fully own the logo and mascot of Nushell, we want to have a certain level of confidence in the fact that you are indeed the author of the artworks you submit and thus are able to fully, and legally, give us the ownership of the winning logo and mascot.

This is why we ask you NOT TO USE ANY GENERATIVE ALGORITHMS such as MidJourney or Dall-E 🙏

By submitting artworks by sending us an email, you implicitly certify that you fully own the rights of your submissions and that you give then entirely to the Nushell project.

Any work that can be proven to be from one of these algorithms and that we can't legally own will be immediately discarded...

Thanks for your understanding 😇

Some ideas

Here are some ideas for what we might consider as a good fit for Nushell, following the themes detailed above:

  • Ellie the friendly and yet powerful mascot
  • a minimalist font-like logo, featuring "nu" and an abstract elephant
  • a blue and friendly shell mascot


In order to submit your work, please follow the instructions below:

  • send an email to the.nushell@gmail.com
  • it should contain your Discord name so that we can contact you easily
  • your creations should be called logo.svg and mascot.svg
  • you can submit any number of images, as long as we can clearly know which ones are logos or mascots 😉

Course of events

Below are the four main phases of this event:

phasestart (from 0AM)deadline (to 12PM)


precise dates might change at some point, e.g. if submissions keep coming even close to the submission deadline.

you'll be the first to be updated on that!

The results and the winners will be announced shortly in March 2024.


details on the vote will be given in due time, but will likely happen either on Discord and/or with a Google Form

With all this in mind, we are very excited to find the official look of Nushell's logo and mascot in the following weeks and can't wait to see what you will be able to produce ❤️

And now... let the best logo and mascot win! 🎉