30k ⭐

Thank You!

After reaching 30,000 stars on GitHub yesterday (2024-04-29), our hearts are filled with gratitude for you, our users & supporters. We're grateful that you have donated your time & ideas to make Nushell better. We're grateful that you love using Nushell to process your data. We're grateful that you enjoy using Nushell as your daily driver. We're grateful that you share stories of using Nushell as an alternative shell in MacOS, Windows, Linux, and other places. We're grateful that you participate in our Discord communityopen in new window. But most of all, we're grateful for you. You are a wonderful group of people that we can continue to invest our time and energy into by making a small but growing piece of software that hopefully makes your life better in some small way. ❤️

We look forward to making Nushell better for you, and with you, our community — whether that's by contributing codeopen in new window, improving our documentationopen in new window, sharing cool scriptsopen in new window, or even just chatting with you. You are a part of this, and we couldn't be more proud of the incredible effort we see from our community every day. Thank you, sincerely, from all of us.

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over timeopen in new window