A frequently asked question is, "What bashims does Nushell support?". Frequently these questions revolve around bang bang functionality.

What is a bashism

A bashism is a command, operator, or syntax in the repl that most people associate with bash.

What bashisms does Nushell support?

Bang Bang syntax

In reedline we support these bashisms.

  1. !! - Repeat the last command.
  2. !n - Repeat the nth command from your nushell history.
  3. !-n - Repeat the nth command from your last history entry.
  4. !$ - Get the last spatially separated token from the last command in your history.
  5. !term - Repeat the last command match a strings beginning.

How to invoke bang bang syntax

In nushell when you type a bang command, it performs that functionality and places the result in the nushell command line buffer in the repl. It does not execute it.