dfr open for dataframe

Opens CSV, JSON, JSON lines, arrow, avro, or parquet file to create dataframe.


> dfr open (file) --lazy --type --delimiter --no-header --infer-schema --skip-rows --columns


  • file: file path to load values from
  • --lazy (-l): creates a lazy dataframe
  • --type {string}: File type: csv, tsv, json, parquet, arrow, avro. If omitted, derive from file extension
  • --delimiter {string}: file delimiter character. CSV file
  • --no-header (-): Indicates if file doesn't have header. CSV file
  • --infer-schema {number}: Number of rows to infer the schema of the file. CSV file
  • --skip-rows {number}: Number of rows to skip from file. CSV file
  • --columns {list<string>}: Columns to be selected from csv file. CSV and Parquet file

Input/output types:



Takes a file name and creates a dataframe

> dfr open test.csv

Tips: Dataframe commands were not shipped in the official binaries by default, you have to build it with --features=dataframe flag