ansiOutput ANSI codes to change color and style of text.
ansi gradientAdd a color gradient (using ANSI color codes) to the given string.
ansi linkAdd a link (using OSC 8 escape sequence) to the given string.
ansi stripStrip ANSI escape sequences from a string.
clearClear the terminal.
inputGet input from the user.
input listInteractive list selection.
input listenListen for user interface event.
is-terminalCheck if stdin, stdout, or stderr is a terminal.
keybindingsKeybindings related commands.
keybindings defaultList default keybindings.
keybindings listList available options that can be used to create keybindings.
keybindings listenGet input from the user.
killKill a process using the process id.
sleepDelay for a specified amount of time.
term sizeReturns a record containing the number of columns (width) and rows (height) of the terminal.
ulimitSet or get resource usage limits.
whoamiGet the current username using uutils/coreutils whoami.