The help command is a good way to become familiar with all that Nu has to offer.

How to see all supported commands:

help commands

Specific information on a command

To find more specific information on a command, use help <COMMAND>. This works for regular commands (i.e. http) and subcommands (i.e. http get):

help http get


Fetch the contents from a URL.

Performs HTTP GET operation.

Search terms: network, fetch, pull, request, download, curl, wget

  > http get {flags} <URL>

  -h, --help - Display the help message for this command
  -u, --user <Any> - the username when authenticating
  -p, --password <Any> - the password when authenticating
  -t, --timeout <Int> - timeout period in seconds
  -H, --headers <Any> - custom headers you want to add
  -r, --raw - fetch contents as text rather than a table

  <nothing> | http get <string> -> <any>

  URL <string>: the URL to fetch the contents from

  http get content from
  > http get

  http get content from, with username and password
  > http get -u myuser -p mypass

  http get content from, with custom header
  > http get -H [my-header-key my-header-value]