# Operators

Nushell supports the following operators for common math, logic, and string operations:

Operator Description
+ add
- subtract
* multiply
/ divide
** exponentiation (power)
mod modulo
== equal
!= not equal
< less than
<= less than or equal
> greater than
>= greater than or equal
=~ regex match / string contains another
!~ inverse regex match / string does not contain another
in value in list
not-in value not in list
&& and two Boolean values
|| or two Boolean values

Parentheses can be used for grouping to specify evaluation order or for calling commands and using the results in an expression.

# Order of operations

Math operations are evaluated in the follow order (from highest precedence to lowest):

  • Parentheses (())
  • Multiply (*) and Divide (/) and Power (**)
  • Add (+) and Subtract (-)
> 3 * (1 + 2)

# Regular Expression / string-contains Operators

The =~ and !~ operators provide a convenient way to evaluate regular expressions (opens new window). You don't need to know regular expressions to use them - they're also an easy way to check whether 1 string contains another.

  • string =~ pattern returns true if string contains a match for pattern, and false otherwise.
  • string !~ pattern returns false if string contains a match for pattern, and true otherwise.

For example:

foobarbaz =~ bar # returns true
foobarbaz !~ bar # returns false
ls | where name =~ ^nu # returns all files whose names start with "nu"

Both operators use the Rust regex crate's is_match() function (opens new window).

# Case Sensitivity

Operators are usually case-sensitive when operating on strings. There are a few ways to do case-insensitive work instead:

  1. In the regular expression operators, specify the (?i) case-insensitive mode modifier:
"FOO" =~ "foo" # returns false
"FOO" =~ "(?i)foo" # returns true
  1. Use the str contains command's --insensitive flag:
"FOO" | str contains --insensitive "foo"
  1. Convert strings to lowercase with str downcase before comparing:
("FOO" | str downcase) == ("Foo" | str downcase)