# Nu map from other shells and domain specific languages

The idea behind this table is to help you understand how Nu built-ins and plug-ins relate to other known shells and domain specific languages. We've tried to produce a map of all the Nu commands and what their equivalents are in other languages. Contributions are welcome.

Note: this table assumes Nu 0.43 or later.

Nushell SQL .Net LINQ (C#) PowerShell (without external modules) Bash
alias - - alias alias
append - Append -Append
args - -
autoview - -
math avg avg Average Measure-Object, measure
calc, <math expression> math operators Aggregate, Average, Count, Max, Min, Sum bc
cd - - Set-Location, cd cd
clear - - Clear-Host clear
config - - $Profile vi .bashrc, .profile
count count Count Measure-Object, measure wc
cp - - Copy-Item, cp, copy cp
date NOW() / getdate() DateTime class Get-Date date
du - - du
each cursor ForEach-Object, foreach, for
echo print, union all - Write-Output, write echo
enter - -
exit - exit exit
fetch - HttpClient,WebClient, HttpWebRequest/Response Invoke-WebRequest wget
first top, limit First, FirstOrDefault Select-Object -First head
format String.Format String.Format
from import flatfile, openjson, cast(variable as xml) - Import/ConvertFrom-{Csv,Xml,Html,Json}
get Select (cmd).column
group-by group by GroupBy, group Group-Object, group
help sp_help - Get-Help, help, man man
histogram - -
history - - Get-History, history history
inc(*) - - -
is_empty is null String.InNullOrEmpty String.InNullOrEmpty
keep, =take top, limit Take Select-Object -First head
keep-while TakeWhile
kill - - Stop-Process, kill kill
last Last, LastOrDefault Select-Object -Last tail
lines - - File.ReadAllLines
ls - - Get-ChildItem, dir, ls ls
match(*) case when Regex.IsMatch [regex]
mkdir - - mkdir, md mkdir
mv - - Move-Item, mv, move, mi mv
nth limit x offset y, rownumber = ElementAt [x], indexing operator, ElementAt
open Get-Content, gc, cat, type cat
transpose pivot -
post(*) - HttpClient,WebClient, HttpWebRequest/Response Invoke-WebRequest
ps(*) - - Get-Process, ps, gps ps
pwd - - Get-Location, pwd pwd
range Range 1..10, 'a'..'f'
reduce Aggregate
rename - - Rename-Item, ren, rni mv
reverse Reverse [Array]::Reverse($var)
rm - - Remove-Item, del, erase, rd, ri, rm, rmdir rm
save - - Write-Output, Out-File > foo.txt
select select Select Select-Object, select
shells - - -
shuffle Random Sort-Object {Get-Random} -
size Measure-Object, measure wc
skip where row_number() Skip Select-Object -Skip
skip until
skip while SkipWhile
sort-by order by OrderBy, OrderByDescending, ThenBy, ThenByDescending Sort-Object, sort
split-by Split Split
split column -
split row -
str(*) string functions String class String class
str collect concat_ws Join Join-String
str trim rtrim, ltrim Trim, TrimStart, TrimEnd Trim
sum sum Sum Measure-Object, measure
sys(*) - - Get-ComputerInfo uname, lshw, lsblk, lscpu, lsusb, hdparam, free
table Format-Table, ft, Format-List, fl
tags - - -
textview(*) - - Get-Content, cat
tree(*) - - tree
to - - Export/ConvertTo-{Csv,Xml,Html,Json}
touch - - Set-Content touch
uniq distinct Distinct Get-Unique, gu uniq
upsert As -
version select @@version - $PSVersionTable
with_env - - $env:FOO = 'bar' export foo = "bar"
where where Where Where-Object, where, "?" operator
which - - - which
  • * - these commands are part of the standard plugins