Nushell operator map

The idea behind this table is to help you understand how Nu operators relate to other language operators. We've tried to produce a map of all the nushell operators and what their equivalents are in other languages. Contributions are welcome.

Note: this table assumes Nu 0.14.1 or later.

NushellSQLPython.NET LINQ (C#)PowerShellBash
=======-eq, -is-eq
!=!=, <>!=!=-ne, -isnot-ne
=~likere, in, startswithContains, StartsWith-like, -contains=~
!~not likenot inExcept-notlike, -notcontains! "str1" =~ "str2"
ininre, in, startswithContains, StartsWith-Incase in
not-innot innot inExcept-NotIn
andandand&&-And, &&-a, &&
ororor||-Or, ||-o, ||