into for conversions

Commands to convert data from one type to another.


> into {flags}

Input/output types:



You must use one of the following subcommands. Using this command as-is will only produce this help message.


into binaryBuiltinConvert value to a binary primitive.
into bitsBuiltinConvert value to a binary primitive.
into boolBuiltinConvert value to boolean.
into cell-pathBuiltinConvert value to a cell-path.
into datetimeBuiltinConvert text or timestamp into a datetime.
into durationBuiltinConvert value to duration.
into filesizeBuiltinConvert value to filesize.
into floatBuiltinConvert data into floating point number.
into globBuiltinConvert value to glob.
into intBuiltinConvert value to integer.
into recordBuiltinConvert value to record.
into sqliteBuiltinConvert table into a SQLite database.
into stringBuiltinConvert value to string.
into valueBuiltinInfer nushell datatype for each cell.