into for conversions

Commands to convert data from one type to another.


> into {flags}

Input/output types:



You must use one of the following subcommands. Using this command as-is will only produce this help message.


into binaryConvert value to a binary primitive.built-in
into bitsConvert value to a binary primitive.built-in
into boolConvert value to boolean.built-in
into cell-pathConvert value to a cell-path.built-in
into datetimeConvert text or timestamp into a datetime.built-in
into durationConvert value to duration.built-in
into filesizeConvert value to filesize.built-in
into floatConvert data into floating point number.built-in
into globConvert value to glob.built-in
into intConvert value to integer.built-in
into recordConvert value to record.built-in
into sqliteConvert table into a SQLite database.built-in
into stringConvert value to string.built-in
into valueInfer nushell datatype for each cell.built-in