bytes for bytes

Various commands for working with byte data.


> bytes {flags}

Input/output types:



You must use one of the following subcommands. Using this command as-is will only produce this help message.


bytes addBuiltinAdd specified bytes to the input.
bytes atBuiltinGet bytes defined by a range.
bytes buildBuiltinCreate bytes from the arguments.
bytes collectBuiltinConcatenate multiple binary into a single binary, with an optional separator between each.
bytes ends-withBuiltinCheck if bytes ends with a pattern.
bytes index-ofBuiltinReturns start index of first occurrence of pattern in bytes, or -1 if no match.
bytes lengthBuiltinOutput the length of any bytes in the pipeline.
bytes removeBuiltinRemove bytes.
bytes replaceBuiltinFind and replace binary.
bytes reverseBuiltinReverse the bytes in the pipeline.
bytes starts-withBuiltinCheck if bytes starts with a pattern.