polars for dataframe

Operate with data in a dataframe format.


> polars {flags}

Input/output types:



You must use one of the following subcommands. Using this command as-is will only produce this help message.


polars aggBuiltin,PluginPerforms a series of aggregations from a group-by.
polars agg-groupsBuiltin,PluginCreates an agg_groups expression.
polars all-falseBuiltin,PluginReturns true if all values are false.
polars all-trueBuiltin,PluginReturns true if all values are true.
polars appendBuiltin,PluginAppends a new dataframe.
polars arg-maxBuiltin,PluginReturn index for max value in series.
polars arg-minBuiltin,PluginReturn index for min value in series.
polars arg-sortBuiltin,PluginReturns indexes for a sorted series.
polars arg-trueBuiltin,PluginReturns indexes where values are true.
polars arg-uniqueBuiltin,PluginReturns indexes for unique values.
polars arg-whereBuiltin,PluginCreates an expression that returns the arguments where expression is true.
polars asBuiltin,PluginCreates an alias expression.
polars as-dateBuiltin,PluginConverts string to date.
polars as-datetimeBuiltin,PluginConverts string to datetime.
polars cacheBuiltin,PluginCaches operations in a new LazyFrame.
polars castBuiltin,PluginCast a column to a different dtype.
polars colBuiltin,PluginCreates a named column expression.
polars collectBuiltin,PluginCollect lazy dataframe into eager dataframe.
polars columnsBuiltin,PluginShow dataframe columns.
polars concat-strBuiltin,PluginCreates a concat string expression.
polars concatenateBuiltin,PluginConcatenates strings with other array.
polars containsBuiltin,PluginChecks if a pattern is contained in a string.
polars countBuiltin,PluginCreates a count expression.
polars count-nullBuiltin,PluginCounts null values.
polars cumulativeBuiltin,PluginCumulative calculation for a series.
polars datepartBuiltin,PluginCreates an expression for capturing the specified datepart in a column.
polars dropBuiltin,PluginCreates a new dataframe by dropping the selected columns.
polars drop-duplicatesBuiltin,PluginDrops duplicate values in dataframe.
polars drop-nullsBuiltin,PluginDrops null values in dataframe.
polars dummiesBuiltin,PluginCreates a new dataframe with dummy variables.
polars explodeBuiltin,PluginExplodes a dataframe or creates a explode expression.
polars expr-notBuiltin,PluginCreates a not expression.
polars fetchBuiltin,PluginCollects the lazyframe to the selected rows.
polars fill-nanBuiltin,PluginReplaces NaN values with the given expression.
polars fill-nullBuiltin,PluginReplaces NULL values with the given expression.
polars filterBuiltin,PluginFilter dataframe based in expression.
polars filter-withBuiltin,PluginFilters dataframe using a mask or expression as reference.
polars firstBuiltin,PluginShow only the first number of rows or create a first expression
polars flattenBuiltin,PluginAn alias for polars explode.
polars getBuiltin,PluginCreates dataframe with the selected columns.
polars get-dayBuiltin,PluginGets day from date.
polars get-hourBuiltin,PluginGets hour from date.
polars get-minuteBuiltin,PluginGets minute from date.
polars get-monthBuiltin,PluginGets month from date.
polars get-nanosecondBuiltin,PluginGets nanosecond from date.
polars get-ordinalBuiltin,PluginGets ordinal from date.
polars get-secondBuiltin,PluginGets second from date.
polars get-weekBuiltin,PluginGets week from date.
polars get-weekdayBuiltin,PluginGets weekday from date.
polars get-yearBuiltin,PluginGets year from date.
polars group-byBuiltin,PluginCreates a group-by object that can be used for other aggregations.
polars implodeBuiltin,PluginAggregates a group to a Series.
polars into-dfBuiltin,PluginConverts a list, table or record into a dataframe.
polars into-lazyBuiltin,PluginConverts a dataframe into a lazy dataframe.
polars into-nuBuiltin,PluginConverts a dataframe or an expression into into nushell value for access and exploration.
polars is-duplicatedBuiltin,PluginCreates mask indicating duplicated values.
polars is-inBuiltin,PluginCreates an is-in expression or checks to see if the elements are contained in the right series
polars is-not-nullBuiltin,PluginCreates mask where value is not null.
polars is-nullBuiltin,PluginCreates mask where value is null.
polars is-uniqueBuiltin,PluginCreates mask indicating unique values.
polars joinBuiltin,PluginJoins a lazy frame with other lazy frame.
polars lastBuiltin,PluginCreates new dataframe with tail rows or creates a last expression.
polars litBuiltin,PluginCreates a literal expression.
polars lowercaseBuiltin,PluginLowercase the strings in the column.
polars maxBuiltin,PluginCreates a max expression or aggregates columns to their max value.
polars meanBuiltin,PluginCreates a mean expression for an aggregation or aggregates columns to their mean value.
polars medianBuiltin,PluginMedian value from columns in a dataframe or creates expression for an aggregation
polars meltBuiltin,PluginUnpivot a DataFrame from wide to long format.
polars minBuiltin,PluginCreates a min expression or aggregates columns to their min value.
polars n-uniqueBuiltin,PluginCounts unique values.
polars notBuiltin,PluginInverts boolean mask.
polars openBuiltin,PluginOpens CSV, JSON, JSON lines, arrow, avro, or parquet file to create dataframe.
polars otherwiseBuiltin,PluginCompletes a when expression.
polars quantileBuiltin,PluginAggregates the columns to the selected quantile.
polars queryBuiltin,PluginQuery dataframe using SQL. Note: The dataframe is always named 'df' in your query's from clause.
polars renameBuiltin,PluginRename a dataframe column.
polars replaceBuiltin,PluginReplace the leftmost (sub)string by a regex pattern.
polars replace-allBuiltin,PluginReplace all (sub)strings by a regex pattern.
polars reverseBuiltin,PluginReverses the LazyFrame
polars rollingBuiltin,PluginRolling calculation for a series.
polars sampleBuiltin,PluginCreate sample dataframe.
polars schemaBuiltin,PluginShow schema for a dataframe.
polars selectBuiltin,PluginSelects columns from lazyframe.
polars setBuiltin,PluginSets value where given mask is true.
polars set-with-idxBuiltin,PluginSets value in the given index.
polars shapeBuiltin,PluginShows column and row size for a dataframe.
polars shiftBuiltin,PluginShifts the values by a given period.
polars sliceBuiltin,PluginCreates new dataframe from a slice of rows.
polars sort-byBuiltin,PluginSorts a lazy dataframe based on expression(s).
polars stdBuiltin,PluginCreates a std expression for an aggregation of std value from columns in a dataframe.
polars store-getBuiltin,PluginGets a Dataframe or other object from the plugin cache.
polars store-lsBuiltin,PluginLists stored dataframes.
polars store-rmBuiltin,PluginRemoves a stored Dataframe or other object from the plugin cache.
polars str-lengthsBuiltin,PluginGet lengths of all strings.
polars str-sliceBuiltin,PluginSlices the string from the start position until the selected length.
polars strftimeBuiltin,PluginFormats date based on string rule.
polars sumBuiltin,PluginCreates a sum expression for an aggregation or aggregates columns to their sum value.
polars summaryBuiltin,PluginFor a dataframe, produces descriptive statistics (summary statistics) for its numeric columns.
polars takeBuiltin,PluginCreates new dataframe using the given indices.
polars to-arrowBuiltin,PluginSaves dataframe to arrow file.
polars to-avroBuiltin,PluginSaves dataframe to avro file.
polars to-csvBuiltin,PluginSaves dataframe to CSV file.
polars to-jsonlBuiltin,PluginSaves dataframe to a JSON lines file.
polars to-parquetBuiltin,PluginSaves dataframe to parquet file.
polars uniqueBuiltin,PluginReturns unique values from a dataframe.
polars uppercaseBuiltin,PluginUppercase the strings in the column.
polars value-countsBuiltin,PluginReturns a dataframe with the counts for unique values in series.
polars varBuiltin,PluginCreate a var expression for an aggregation.
polars whenBuiltin,PluginCreates and modifies a when expression.
polars with-columnBuiltin,PluginAdds a series to the dataframe.